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Me smilingWhat will you find here? (This is interesting for you!)

You’ll mainly find information about social media, SEO and blogging that I think can be useful for you (you can have fun with some random posts about other stuff too if you get tired of those topics!) My main objective is to help as much as I can, as I truly love when people say thanks to me!

But I’m a bit more selfish than you might think though. I do this so more and more people can get to know me and value my work and advice. If you have any question or doubt about those main areas of my blog, or you just want to start a conversation, don’t hesitate on contacting me (Below you have many ways to do so: Choose your favorite! – Or go to the contact form above!)

A bit about myself

I’m a 25 years old senior student of business and management, about graduating already at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain.

I did an exchange program sponsored by my university and thanks to it I was able to be in the Robert H. Smith School of Business in Maryland, USA. Quite close to DC, it had been one of my best experiences in life so far.

But actually my best experience was when I traveled to Hong Kong and spent there 3 months last year. Was a bit of a holidays when I disconnected from everything, but it worth it all the way.

Right now I’m actively looking for an internship or first job. Can’t wait to start applying everything I’ve been learning!

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