Chinese is NOT hard! (6 tips for beginners!)

That Chinese language is hard is something we’ll always hear. But I assure you is easier than it seems if you know what method of learning works for you!


So you want to learn Chinese, uh? Let me guess. One of the first things you did was searching on the internet something like “Is Chinese hard?” “Can Chinese be learn in X months?” “Where to learn Chinese”. And… actually that’s why you probably are in this post, and I really appreciate it so I hope this will give you an idea on what you gonna find.

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How to be happy? Let’s think about it!


During my final exams I saw a lot of students being stressed and kind of unhappy about that particular week as they had to do many things in little time and things weren’t going as planned. One of the days I was taking a break from my study, I came across a TED Talk’s playlist about happiness and I decided to see them all to see if I could understand better what was what was making them feel gloomy. Continue reading

Songs matching your mood

You wake up on a rainy morning and surprisingly you realize that you have more time than you thought as you woke up early. As long as you’re not in a hurry, you think it’s a great chance to go and taste a good coffee, instead of the one that you always prepare at home and that it turns outs always bit watery and that you take just from habit.

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What’s that smell? Popcorns?!

Scent girl

” – Do you know smell marketing?
– Small marketing? It’s about… like how small businesses do things to promote themselves?
– No no, I actually said smell. Is about scent and how businesses can use smells in their places/products/people in order to be more appealing to potential costumers.
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