Blogging effectively (II) – Overcoming writer’s fear

Cartoon ghostEven though you might love to write, you maybe have gone through the situation in which you don’t know exactly why you are writing. You might feel that everything has been blogged already, everything has been written. You’ve been kicked by writer’s fear. But for blogging effectively you need to get rid of this idea.

The problem

It’s a really common feeling. As a writer you might be scared that nobody will ever read your content because they can look for it elsewhere. And, hey, that’s actually true. You know you’re not writing 100% original content because someone else have written about it before… or are you?

I had these doubts as well, always afraid on what’s the point on blogging about stuff that everyone has said already. I made a quick search and realize that many, many people have the same fear. Eventually they will stop writing because they don’t have that sense of being useful that I think most writers need.

But I found out something that explains why people still write, overcoming writer’s fear.

The factors that comes into play

First of all, you need to love writing. I know it’s totally a cliché, but it’s a cliché for a reason. If you have fear of blogging and furthermore you don’t really enjoy writing… oh man, what a bad combination.

And second: They understand that everyone has a very different way of expressing the same thing. This is possible thanks to mainly two factors. Own experience and influence from others.

  1. The own experience comes from your life, your personal circumstances. The way you were born, your own natural behavior. The situations you have been through. And also your attitude. All of this shapes how you see the world and how you communicate. Even if other people has experiences the same things, they might have confront them in different ways, shaping your inner “self”.
  2. And the influence from others comes through who you interact with. I admit I’ve been influenced a lot by some of the most important social media professionals, even though it was just through reading their stuff. You can also get influenced unconsciously by authors you have read even in common narrative books. This is also a really powerful factor that you need to take into consideration, as not everyone will have the same mix of “idols”.

Some advice people give is to imitate your idol until you become your idol. I actually think this advice is quite useful – but not for being used forever. By doing that you will get the same skills than him/her, but you really need to put some part of you in your writing so you’re not just a bad copy.

The solution

Don't panic signSo now, take factor one and factor two and mix them together. The number of possibilities is infinite! And that’s good news for you. Here comes another cliché: You are unique. Your way of blogging is unique.

Now, being unique means two things. There will be people who will like you and there will people who won’t. But honestly that shouldn’t be a problem. You might be concerned about people who doesn’t like you. But you really shouldn’t. If they “attack” you, listen to them, try to understand the meaning behind their words. And act in consequence. Sometimes you just need to appreciate the feedback but change nothing, if you feel what you’re doing is correct. Sometimes they will be right and you might want to tweak a bit your way of doing things. All this comes from a very deep sense of knowing yourself. Self-awareness is important in everything, actually.

So in conclusion what I meant is that you don’t have to be afraid of blogging about something that already exist. I’m sure you’ll be able to express it with different words that might reach different audience. And I’m sure you that you will be able to point out something that nobody has realized yet. So write, my fellow blogger, write!

And if you ever find yourself feeling writer’s fear, come read this again and I’m sure it will help you. I’ll totally do that!

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