LinkedIn groups as a brand awareness tool

linkedin groups optionLinkedIn groups are really useful when it comes to let yourself be seen by people and learn A LOT. If you have the habit of writing on LinkedIn groups in a daily basis you probably have noticed more views in your LinkedIn profile and even some petitions to connect. No matter if you are developing a personal brand or a company brand, LinkedIn groups is a must have in your social media strategy.

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Free Twitter tools I use every day

Super bird representing free twitter toolsSo I’ve been trying new free tools to improve my Twitter management in order to make it easier and less time-consuming. I’m trying to discover the best free Twitter tools out there before considering getting a premium account. Some worked and some didn’t work for me. I’ll explain what I’m using at the moment, what I tried and didn’t work, and why.

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Twitter etiquette and personal thoughts

Twitter BirdSo it’s been one month since I’ve been actively Tweeting lots of useful information about social media, marketing, random stuff and so on. Also engaged in few conversations and started building a solid follow base. I have no idea how good or bad I’m doing if you compare me to other people. But I’m happy to see that I’m meeting my expectations.

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Football World Cup (I) – Groups A and B

World cup trophy IA friend asked for information about the world cup because she’s going to work with a business that plans to use the World Cup in their social media strategy. But I feel they don’t have much idea of the World Cup or Football (not everyone is a big fan like me!) Therefore I decided to make public my thoughts about it and give some useful information that you might use in your social media! This includes important games and their dates, players to follow and the odds for one team or another to go through their respective groups.

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Blogging effectively (II) – Overcoming writer’s fear

Cartoon ghostEven though you might love to write, you maybe have gone through the situation in which you don’t know exactly why you are writing. You might feel that everything has been blogged already, everything has been written. You’ve been kicked by writer’s fear. But for blogging effectively you need to get rid of this idea.

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WordPress hosting options! What’s worth it?

ComputersFew days ago someone asked me on LinkedIn a question about WordPress. She asked me if the 18$/year for a domain worth it or not. I felt she wanted her blog as something more than just a hobby, so I started talking about WordPress hosting options, domains, etc.

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Blogging effectively (I) – 5+1 easy design tips!

Hands writing in a laptopSurely blogging is easy – what’s hard is to pay attention to the thousand details you need to take into consideration while writing.

Everything in order to make the experience better for the user. That includes things like: easy to read, scannable, useful and accurate, easy to understand, etc. The design is crucial for blogging effectively. Continue reading