Ethic in Social Media – Is it coercion?

Finger pointing to a tiny personEthic in Social Media is hard to spot. Because in the social media world is hard to decide if what businesses do by engaging and adding value to customers’ “life” is as a genuine interest in trying to establish a relationship or a poor attempt to make your customers believe you’re a good person with the sole and primary objective of selling them stuff.

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Good quality Content or SEO

ImageThere has been always discussions about what was more important, if good quality content or SEO. Some said good quality content was more important because without it even if you rank high on search engines people will get tired of you. Some said SEO because they said even if you write interesting content is worth nothing in nobody can read it. Which one is it? Continue reading

What’s that smell? Popcorns?!

Scent girl

” – Do you know smell marketing?
– Small marketing? It’s about… like how small businesses do things to promote themselves?
– No no, I actually said smell. Is about scent and how businesses can use smells in their places/products/people in order to be more appealing to potential costumers.
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