Free Twitter tools I use every day

Super bird representing free twitter toolsSo I’ve been trying new free tools to improve my Twitter management in order to make it easier and less time-consuming. I’m trying to discover the best free Twitter tools out there before considering getting a premium account. Some worked and some didn’t work for me. I’ll explain what I’m using at the moment, what I tried and didn’t work, and why.

What I use

Scheduling Tweets: Buffer

This is my absolute favorite free Twitter tool. I’ve tried other scheduling applications but didn’t work out for me.

Buffer’s free account lets you schedule up to 10 Tweets at a time. No daily limit. That’s awesome for me because I rarely Tweet more than 40 Tweets a day. That means that I only have to schedule them at max 4 times a day, which is nothing for me.

And usually I only use it twice. Once in the morning from 9am to 3pm, so I have time to look for an internship at that time, and again at evening so I can work on other things like LinkedIn or this blog. At nights I usually just post one by one and engage in conversations. So therefore just scheduling twice a day (up to 20 Tweets) it’s enough for me.

Another big advantage is that I can link it to my Bitly account. And I can either shorten the link to or leave it as it is. Also, I love their statistics, even the free ones. For a complete analysis you need to upgrade the account though. So getting together Buffer’s and Bitly’s statistics gives me a nice idea on what’s working.

And also, though I don’t use it much, they give you 5 suggestions a day on Tweets depending on the kind of content you usually use. You can share directly to Twitter. Not bad if you ever run out of content, but that shouldn’t be a problem!

Managing Followers/Followings: Unfollowers

I find it incredibly easy to use. You can see common tools like who follows you that you’re not following, who un-followed you, etc. And also what followers are fake, what accounts you follow are inactive and so on.

Hashtags: RiteTag

I discovered this tool one few days ago thanks to one of the people I’m following (sorry I forgot who!). This is an application that lets you know what hashtags are best to reach the maximum number of people in an effective way.

Each time that you write a hashtag, let’s say #SocialMedia, it will tell you if:

  • It’s overused
  • It’s good
  • It’s great

In this case, it will say that #SocialMedia is overused, and therefore it might not be a good option to use it. Instead, you can use #smm, which is great; still many people use it but it’s not overused yet. Good it’s save for hashtags that are not widely used.

Shortener: BitLy

As I said earlier this is the shortener tool I use. It provides you with great statistics, it’s free and you can link it with other applications… It’s just too good to miss.

Social Media score: Kred and Klout

These are social media indicators of influence more than free Twitter tools. It actually don’t just use Twitter influence, but several other social media networks. But I use them just out of curiosity, because I know they can be cheated quite easily. As long as I use Twitter in a “good” way it helps me to realize what’s working and what’s not. Also Klout has a feature that lets you discover new content related to the fields you want so you can share it on Twitter.

What I tried and don’t use


I actually used this one for a week or so, but then I discovered Unfollowers. Maybe the paid version it’s better than Unfollowers, but if we talk about free tools I think Unfollowers is way more complete to manage your Twitter account.


I read awesome things about it, but… I’m still a bit reluctant on using a feeder. I should totally check how it works though, as I think it’s one of the most important tools I lack. If someone can give me another similar tool or give me advice on how to use TwitterFeed, I would be so grateful.


The reason I don’t use it is because what I can do with it, I do it with other easier free tools. Also I don’t manage many accounts so I don’t feel the need of using it. Though actually there’s something I use from time to time: Discovering new people to follow on Twitter. Thanks to the feature of looking for people through different keywords. But still, I prefer to follow followers of people I follow as I feel the network I’m building is much more “connected” itself.

I probably have tried more free Twitter tools but these are the ones I remember. I’d totally love to hear from you! Share with me and everyone what tools you use to manage your Twitter account. Let us know as well what utilities they have in their free version! I’ll make sure to include you in future posts of this kind so if people starting using it and like it, they can thank you for recommending it!

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