Let’s the race begin.


Probably starting a blog without a purpose is not exactly a good idea, so even me have one. The purpose of this blog is for me to have a place where I can write down my ideas about certain things I’ve always interested about and that I keep learning about through articles, conferences, videos and so on so forth. Of course, I will love to know about other people’s thoughts about everything that is going to be here and hopefully we can learn and widen our perspective all together. “Such laudable project, nothing similar has been done before!”, some will be thinking right now!

How I’m gonna do this? I will talk about many different things that seems unrelated, so it might be chaotic, but as I always says about my own room: It’s a controlled chaos. Everything will be there with a reason, really! Often I’m being compared with a puzzle. I do/say things that might not have sense in that moment but after a while, everything makes sense. This usually changes the opinion people have of me, my closest friends knows this well enough.

Anyway, the topics I’ll talk about might be collected in 5-6 categories:
General Marketing: Or traditional marketing, in comparison with the “new-born” social media marketing.
Social media: I’ll focus on this quite a bit, as I think is a still non-fully understood world, where a lot of experiments are being done and there are many confusions about how to use it or its true utility.
Psychology: I’m a frustrated psychologist. I’m really interested in this field, but just in few subjects, so that’s why I decided not to enroll in a psychology major.
Economic news: I’ll talk from time to time of news that got my attention.
Practical business examples: In one of my first blogs I’ll probably talk about some particular business that used an especial marketing strategy.
China/HK: I’m fostering my knowledge about their culture, their way of doing things, stuff happening there in general.
Offtopic: Almost everything listed above has something to do with my own personal career, my interests that can be applied in my professional field. But not everything should be related to studies/job, so I’ll have some breaks to show or talk about random things.

So as you can see, this is going to be a blog about many things. One advice that I usually hear is that you should focus on one subject alone and not go too far away from it or else you will get lost in a sea of content. But… What can I do, if these things are really my passion? I would be mad at myself if I ever dare to leave one of these things behind.

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