Moved my blog here – Finally!

Happy cute catI’m really happy to announce that I finally have my own website (this one!). You might not have noticed because not many things have been modified yet since I moved my blog. I’ve done my previous posts in my blog and finally move them all here.

The move is due to the great possibilities that a self-hosting website gives that free version of WordPress doesn’t have. I’m loving playing around with all the options and looking for the best plugins out there. Also finally being able to play with Google Analytics is something I wanted for long!

Anyway, for those who are interested, I’m hosting this website in GreenGeeks web-hosting. These guys are “300%” environmental friendly and probably that was the difference that made me sign with them and not with other good hosts. Also they were really kind when I was asking them a few doubts I had about their hosting. Furthermore they attended me really quick, in a matter of a minute I was chatting with one of their workers already.

I’ll wait a bit to see how it really behaves and if I’m satisfied I’ll totally let you all know. And also I’ll give you the possibility of signing with them through my website. But that will only happen if I’m really satisfied! I love to try these things in-depth so I have a good idea if they can be recommended.

Just wanted to do this short post to say “Welcome back!” to my old readers, and “Welcome! I’m sure you’ll find useful information here!” to my new ones that came directly to this new website.

That’s all, thanks a lot for reading my blog, and hope to see you here again!


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