New Twitter Style

So it’s been today when I finally got to try the new Twitter Style! Only few users could test it few weeks ago and I was actually really jealous about it. It looked quite nice and wanted to try that new Twitter style already. Let’s break it down!

new twitter style of my jamermin Twitter

In general

This new Twitter style gives more importance to images than old one. For instance, your profile picture is quite bigger than it used to be. In consequence, I feel the biography section gets a bit lost in comparison. Also I feel it unnatural to have to look at the left to see that information, but maybe this is just a matter of getting used to it.

Instead, the absolutely main thing in this new style is, as it should be, your Tweets. Look at how big they are! I truly think this is a good thing as it highlights what’s important.

Important new feature!

Even if I still didn’t use that option, you can “pin” one of your Tweets at the top of your profile with this new Twitter style. That’s… absolutely great. You can go to whatever Tweet you want to promote/share, and in “more” (You’ll have to click the 3 dots that you can find at the bottom of each Tweet together with “reply”, “Retweet”, etc) you’ll have the option to pin that particular Tweet. I think this is really powerful and I have few ideas on how to use it already. Hint: Is not just about self-promotion!

Twitter Pin Option

Central menu

Other thing I like from the new Twitter style is that the “favorites” button is easy to see. When favorites was one of the options in the left side menu, I felt myself almost ignoring them. Same goes with “lists”, even if they are a quite useful feature.

And… that’s one thing I don’t like about the new twitter style. They made favorites appear perfectly there, but if you want to check lists, you’ll have to click “more” and it will appear. I don’t quite understand this. Instead of a button with “More” and a link to lists…. why not just put “Lists” directly as they did with “Favorites”?

New Twitter Menu with Favorites and list

Aside from that little “mistake”, I like they added “photos/videos” to it as well. Before it was also in the left side of the page, but I feel that left side was getting a bit ignored. In this new twitter style they are in the left side as well.

Also, as you can see in that image, they added a “Tweets” and “Tweets and replies” menu. I totally love that as  seeing too many “@example1 Thanks for following!” “@example2 Hey, thanks for sharing!” in some profiles was a bit annoying. Now you can just click “Tweets” and it will show everything that’s not a reply. Of course you can use the replies menu to see if there’s any good conversation going on with the person you’re checking out.

What happens when you scroll down?

Mid-way Twitter

First of all, you can see that they added a “You followed…” feature mid way. That not only applies to your own Twitter feed, it will also show if you visit someone else. This can be useful to discover new people to follow on Twitter!

And also, you might notice with this new Twitter style that as you scroll down, the menu above follows you allowing you to see the name of the person you’re checking and their statistics as well (Following, followers, etc). And something I also appreciate, the “follow” button will show as well. As I used my own Twitter in that profile, instead of the “follow” option you can see “Edit profile”. That bar will follow you as you scroll down, something that didn’t happen with the old style.

Right menu

Lastly, they added a menu on the right with the suggestion on who to follow and trending topics. In the old style they were on the bottom left. I actually don’t use much the suggestion box. I guess for people who use it now it’s a bit more convenient to find.

Do you like it?

So what do you think about this new Twitter style? I personally like it even if as some people have been saying it makes it look a bit to Facebook. I don’t mind this as they added few things I like and I feel they are focusing now on Tweets more than anything else. 

Check out the new Twitter style and follow me on my Twitter!

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