Twitter etiquette and personal thoughts

Twitter BirdSo it’s been one month since I’ve been actively Tweeting lots of useful information about social media, marketing, random stuff and so on. Also engaged in few conversations and started building a solid follow base. I have no idea how good or bad I’m doing if you compare me to other people. But I’m happy to see that I’m meeting my expectations.

I follow around 400 people and have around 370 people following my Twitter account at the moment I’m writing. That’s a bit more than my objective for this first month. If I said that I don’t know how well I’m doing so far is because I know that 200 followers is still a low quantity. But, I really wanted to make sure those 200 were of an incredible quality.


Of course I don’t have any control about who follows me so there will always be accounts that don’t really add any value on my Twitter. Luckily that is a small percentage from my overall followers. Also some of them just leave few days later when they realize I don’t follow them back.

I might have a naive ideal image in my mind in which people follows me because I Tweet interesting stuff. I wish all people doing so was because they like me, even though I don’t follow them. The same way I follow them because I think they are interesting and I would do it even if they don’t do it back. And in that ideal world it just happens that we like each other’s Twitter and therefore mutually connect.

Also in that ideal world… you would talk to me. Either through mentions or DM, I don’t really mind.


About my following policy:

  • if you are in the marketing/social media world
  • your tweets contains some articles I might be interest in
  • if you are a positive person
  • if you’re interesting in some way
  • and most important for me, you LISTEN and TALK with your followers

Then you have high chances I’ll follow you. I know there are some people following me so I follow them back. Sometimes I totally would love to not follow them back so they don’t treat me like “Twitter meat”, but they make it hard by… actually having an interesting Twitter! I have no other choice than to follow them 🙂

Anyway, I totally won’t follow you back if I don’t feel I can “use” your Tweets. I know this goes against “Twitter etiquette”, but I want people I follow to know that I find them interesting! And the only way is to have this policy. Is not hard for someone to have at least one of the things I like in Tweets, so I guess it’s not a restrictive policy anyway 🙂 Basically I don’t follow people claiming they can get me rich in a week or obvious spammers. Those aren’t here in this blog, so if you are reading this and you followed me on Twitter I’ll probably follow you back.

Why this?

Just wanted to share my experience on Twitter so far, soon I’ll write about what I’m doing to increase followers’ base quality. I’m doing this because I want to come here to this blog in one year and hopefully notice how things improved tremendously in one year. I’m going to love to check my mistakes (maybe this post is one of them!) and realize I don’t do them anymore.

I’m not an expert. I’m not a guru. I’m not anything of those flashy words some use to describe themselves. The only thing I can do is keep improving… and I will! I know I’m not alone because I’m meeting a lot of people offering me their support, proving one more time that social media is an amazing world.

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