Why I’d like to be like Eduard Punset

punsetEduard Punset is a Spanish science writer and had a TV show in a Spanish Channel where lot of topics are covered.
He’s traveled around the world invited by scientists to show him the new discoveries in this or that field.

And that’s exactly why I’m so jealous! Most of the things he learns about are amazing things like how the brain works, why we feel what we feel (love, joy, anger…), experiments with unbelievable results and so on.

Eduard Punset gets to travel around the world, meet awesome people, learn about things that could interest to anyone… and applies that well enough to get paid for it!

This is going to sound weird to people who has seen or heard him, but… I have to admit I even like the way he talks. Please go to check by yourself, you’ll find mainly Spanish talks but I heard he gave a conference in English. He’s what we could describe as a lovely old man.

The only bad thing was when he appeared in an advertisement for a famous bread brand here in Spain… Eduard, why? It was because of the girls who also appeared in that ad? Punset, Punset… you might be even smarter than I thought!

Short post today, if you know any secret/curious info about Punset don’t doubt on sharing it with us!

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