Football World Cup (II) – Groups C and D

World cup trophy IIOnly just a bit more than 2 month for the beginning of the World Cup! Let’s keep with some data group by group that might help you think about strategies. The last thing you want is your followers to think you know nothing about football! 😛 Also make sure to check Groups A and B

Group C (Colombia, Greece, Côte d’Ivoire, Japan)

Teams’ overview and key players

Colombia: This team had huge bad news like a month ago. Their key player, one of the best central forwards in the world, got seriously injured. Falcao has been the hopes for this team in the World Cup, but now they are uncertain if he will make it. He got injured for 6 months, but of course he will try to be recovered for the World Cup, but that’s something unlikely to happen. Though actually Colombia is quite lucky to be in this group as they don’t have big opponents. Colombia should still go through the group stage, thanks to the now key player James Rodríguez. He’s an excellent dribbler and it will be a pain to the rival’s side defenders.

Greece: Greece is probably the weakest team in this group. But this group is hard to predict as actually anyone can win anyone. Greece key weapon is their defensive power, and they will try to take advantage of it and surprise with few attacks hoping the ball ends up in the rivals’ net. In that role we have Greece key player, Konstantinos Mitroglou. Really good news for Greece as they have always lacked some attack power.

Ivory Coast: Really strong team. If they can make their physical authority be a big factor in a game, it will be really hard to win them. They also have really experienced players, like Yaya Toure and Gervinho. Even though midfielder Yaya Toure is going to be important, I think the key player is still Drogba. And actually it seems their coach thinks the same, as he said Drogba has in his hands the opportunity to make his country reach far in this World Cup

Japan: I totally love this team! Even though is going to be a close call between Colombia, Ivory Coast and Japan, I truly believe Japan will surprise (once again) everyone. I’m really amazed with their progression. First time they surprised me was in the 2010’s World Cup, in which you could see them playing incredible football! Their passes are really accurate and in the attack they have awesome player. Maybe they lack a bit of defensive power but they compensate it with a huge passion. I’m sure they will want to do great in this year’s World Cup even if one of their main strikers, Ryo Miyaichi is injured and probably miss it. I like several of their players, but specially the midfielder Honda.

Interesting game

Is hard to choose a game here, but I would say Japan-Colombia is going to be really interesting. Depending on how Japan performs, they could even end up being in the first position at the end of the group stage. Anyway, this group is going to be full of excitement until the very end.

What the Odds say

Seems that Colombia is still the favorite to go through despite Falcao’s injure. It’s a tie between Ivory Coast and Japan and probably Greece won’t go through but can be the team that decides the two first spots. The one who loses or ties against Greece will have a hard time.

Group C odd bets

In my opinion, Colombia and Japan will go through. Ivory Coast is still an amazing team, but Colombia is superior and I truly think Japan is going to be a surprise again for everyone. They keep playing that fantastic football so I expect them to go far this time. Seriously, beware of Japan!

Group D (Uruguay, Costa Rica, England, Italy)

Teams’ overview and key players

Uruguay: Quite strong team, their offensive line is probably one of the best in the World. Luis Suárez, Cavani and Forlan are three awesome forwards and they can totally destroy a defense. They have high chances of going through but this group is quite competitive. The difference with Group C is that in Group D the overall level is higher. Anyway, I consider Luis Suárez their key player as he has been doing amazingly well in the English Premier League last season and this one.

Costa Rica: The weakest team and probably no chances of going through. It’s even hard to name a key player, as I would just like to mention their defensive line as an overall as their main strength. I will point out their captain Bryan Ruiz as their key player. He actually has some skills, but he probably will be well-marked as rival teams will know.

England: Oh man, what happened to England. From being always one of the favorites to win the World cup to maybe even not going through the group stage. Their loss of quality has been shocking, doing some poor performances last years. However, England is England, and that means that anything can happen. Their key player will keep being Wayne Rooney despite his age (or maybe because of it). This central forward keeps being an incredible player in Manchester United and will keep being it in the World Cup.

Italy: The non-so defensive Italy. They surprised us already on 2010 when they started playing a more “passing” football instead of defense. That change of style was good for them and I think they will do great again on 2014. In Italy we can see one of the most elegant football player history has given us: Andrea Pirlo. He’s old for football and still you will see him being the captain of the team and acting like it. He will lead Italy to the knockout stage for sure. Pay attention to his passes! They can amaze you at any moment.

Interesting game

An Italy versus England is always interesting! Even if at first sight, Italy vs. Uruguay can be more entertaining. I really want to see this Italy vs. England game. Want to check myself how far England want to go, and how serious Italy is on winning the World cup this year.

What the Odds say

Italy comes favorite in this group, followed by Uruguay. Odds says that England will be out on the group’s stage! Costa Rica probably will have nothing to do in this World cup.

Group D odd bets

I think these bets results will be right. With Italy being an awesome team and Uruguay having such a destructive attack, I don’t think England will make it. But as I said earlier, England will always be England, and they still have the skills to win everything.

That’s all for this week World Cup post! Let me repeat what I said in my previous post: Social media is like a relationship. Take care of it every day and not only on big events.

And last thing, if you have any comment about the information I gave don’t doubt to write it on comments or Tweet me about it. I’m a huge football fan and I love conversations about it!

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